How to Find Rental Accommodation in Mining and Construction Towns

Mining Town Accomodation


Trying to work out how to find rental accommodation in a mining or construction town?  Gladstone, Moranbah, Karratha, Maitland and Darwin are all construction and mining towns that are renowned for having scarce and expensive accommodation.  To find a roof to put over your families head you are going to have to stand out from the crowd.  To help give you a head start we did our research and consulted a few Property Managers.  Here are their tips on helping you to land rental accommodation.

Keep your Name Clean

Property managers will often check your name against a database which is pretty much a who’s who of tenants with a bad name.  You can get on this list for all sorts of reasons, walking out on a lease, not paying rent, property damage etc.  There are stories of tenants wrongly being placed on these lists, but for the most part if you pay your rent on time, keep it clean and repair any of your damage, you should be able to keep your name clean.


Correctly Fill out you Rental Accommodation Application

Being a Blue Collar worker you will know how painful it is when you are given a job with half of the gear and a quarter of the information.  Then put yourself in your property managers shoes as they often influence the owners decision on who to approve for a lease. If your application is clean, clear and fully completed and your competition has handed in a bare bones application, you have just double your chances.

Attach all documents

This is pretty much the same as above, do yourself a favour and attach everything that is asked for, references, payslips etc.  Double check it and then hand it in, they’ll appreciate it.  Big thumbs up!

Have pets?

Anyone renter with a pet will know it can be a nightmare in itself finding rental accommodation let a lone in a mining or construction town.  One tip is to always provide a current pet rental reference.  A Vet will generally give you a reference for free or you can ask an ex-landlord or property manager.  This will help the property manager to convince the owner you and your pet are going to be good tenants.

Getting to the top of the List

If you can afford it and you are struggling to convince an owner to give you a lease, offer to pay a month or more in advance.  This is one way to get around them balking if you are still seeking work, if you are waiting to get your first payslip or if you are competing with a handful of other tenants and then are having trouble to decide.

Be on Time to any Showings

Property management is apparently one of the most stressful jobs out there, so try not to make them wait.  If you are early and there are others that are arriving late, that is another big thumbs up for you.


A smile and using the property managers name will go a long, long way.  They are constantly dealing with, whinging tenants or owners, so add a bit of sunshine to their day and despite all odds you and your family may just end up with rental accommodation in a mining or construction town.

Disclaimer: We are not Real Estate Agents or Advisors.  Please do your own research before making any decisions and consult with experts when needed.  The above is purely a list of options and ideas or points of interest we have accumulated from either experience or talking to people in the industry.

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