From grass to gold, work in Mongolia?

The land of Genghis Khan, horses, yurts and the grass steppe is fast becoming the land of copper, coal, gold, silver, uranium and molybdenum.  The nomadic herders are turning to construction and mining, digging up the grasses of the Gobi in search of valuable minerals and we have heard there is a chance for expats to get in on it.

One project alone, Oly Tolgoi, when operational will be producing approximately 1/3rd of Mongolia’s Gross Domestic Product.   This project partnered by Rio Tinto is quickly changing the course for the Mongolian people and being the next door neighbours to the resources vacuum China it’s not hard to see why.

We have heard whispers of work in Mongolia for expats both in construction and commissioning.  If anything solid comes across our radar we will try to get it across to Cribhut members.  So if you are looking for a change, we are pretty sure Mongolia would be just that, keep your ear to the ground and you just may end up doing a stint in the Gobi Desert.



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