What Mine Induction do I need? Read Before You Pay Anyone

What Mine Induction do I need? Read Before You Pay Anyone

What mine induction do you need… Standard 11 Coal Surface Induction, Standard 11 Coal Underground Induction, MARCSTA, NSW Coal Surface Induction, NSW Generic Underground Induction, BMA Core Induction and TIMI Induction.  There are a lot to choose from and no ‘standard’ induction that covers them all, as there are with different courses, in different states for different companies.  We did some research, a lot of ringing around and came up with the below list of what mine induction you need state by state to help get you on your way.

NOTE:  Since writing this post we now have a free guide to help even further – How to Find a Job in the Mines (or Resources Industry) Guide

Another quick note for you:  We are all for up-skilling yourself, but don’t go rushing out and paying a bundle for a course unless you are really sure it will land you a job.  Almost to the point where an employer has told you, ‘If you have this induction we can give you a start.’  Two reasons.  One, we hear this all the time, ‘I paid all this money for courses and I still can’t get a start.’  Two, often if you are the right person for the job a new employer may put you through the course themselves.  The right mine induction on your profile can definitely put your nose in front, just tread with caution.  Especially when the person telling you, you should get the course is the same person who is paid to run courses.


What Mine Induction for Queensland?

At time of writing, Queensland has the new Standard 11 Coal Surface Induction.  It is a three day course, has a five yr expiry and costs $675.  Also in QLD to work underground you will need a Standard 11 Underground Coal Induction which is a single day bolt on to the Standard 11 Coal Surface which values at $320, the cheapest way is to sit both inductions together reducing the damage to $800.

To work in all other mines you WILL need a metalliferous induction.  The Metalliferous Surface Induction is a one and a half day bolt on to the Standard 11 Coal Surface Induction, valued at $550 and another half day bolt on for the Metalliferous Underground Induction valued at $620.


What Mine Induction for Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria?

At time of writing, W.A, S.A and Victorian mines are covered by the MARCSTA Induction.  This is a single day course and will set you back $145.  The MARCSTA covers you for about 80% of mines in these states.


What Mine Induction for New South Wales?

At time of writing, New South Wales mines have the NSW Coal Surface Induction.  It is a single day course and is valued at $390.  To work underground there is a NSW Generic Underground Induction which is a four day course and is valued at $1310.  Metalliferous mines in NSW are all site specific inductions.


What Mine Induction for the Northern Territory?

At time of writing, all inductions are site specific in the Northern Territory.


What Mine Induction for Tasmania?

At time of writing, Tassie uses the TIMI Induction, it covers all Tasmanian mines.


What Mine Induction for BMA (Company)

At time of writing, BMA (The BHP Mitsubishi Alliance) own and operate seven Bowen Basin coal mines in Queensland.

BMA have their own BMA Core Induction, it takes three days and will cost $800.  This involves the same six criteria as the Standard 11, still the Standard 11 Induction will not qualify on BMA sites.  There is a bridging course between the BMA and Standard 11 inductions to help get you over the line.

Note: The above information is also laid out in a table for you here – What Mine Induction do I Need?


Disclaimer: Cribhut provides this information with the best intentions, but purely as a guide.  Like most things in life, there are no guarantees.  Your lively hood is your own responsibility and even if following the above recommendations, it is still up to you to do your own research, to be patient, persistent and put in the hard work.

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