How to get a job at the Gladstone LNG Project – Curtis Island

How to get a job at the Gladstone LNG Project – Curtis Island

In the ‘How to get a job at …….’ series we are going to be running over Australian Mining and Construction projects all over the country.  In each post we will include an Overview of the project, a Location Profile, the Companies involved, the Occupations required, the skills / qualifications that will help you to get your foot in the door and the Enterprise Bargaining Agreements.  This will help you to stay in the loop and know how to skill up where needed.  The aim is to help you get yourself into the best position to land a start on the major sites and projects around Australia.

The Gladstone LNG Project – Curtis Island Overview

This one is a biggie.  It’s one of three massive LNG Facilities currently on the go on Curtis Island, which is 20mins ferry ride from Gladstone harbour.  Here’s the story…

From the GLNG website About the Project Santos GLNG Project is a pioneering initiative to convert coal seam natural gas (CSG), or coal bed methane as it is sometimes referred to, to liquefied natural gas (LNG) for export to global markets. It represents a major investment in a cleaner energy source and fuel for the future.

Based in Queensland, Australia, the Project involves developing gas fields from the Bowen and Surat Basins in South-Western Queensland, and will transport the gas via a 420 kilometre underground pipeline to an LNG plant on Curtis Island, off the coastline of Gladstone.

This groundbreaking US$16 billion Project is a joint venture between Santos and three of the world’s largest LNG companies, PETRONAS, Total and KOGAS.

GLNG’s Project involves

  • expanding coal seam gas production in the Surat and Bowen basins in Queensland
  • Building a 420 kilometre one-metre (42”) diameter buried natural gas pipeline from the gas fields to Gladstone
  • Constructing a natural gas liquefaction plant on Curtis Island, Gladstone

GLNG has awarded Engineer Procure and Construct (EPC) contracts to

  • Fluor Australia for the gas field expansion
  • Saipem for gas transmission pipeline
  • Bechtel for plant and port works

The GLNG project will create thousands of jobs, across many different disciplines.  The construction workforce is expected to peak at 5000.

Coal Seam Gas Fields Peak Construction Workforce – up to 1100 workers.

Gas Transmission Pipeline Peak Construction Workforce – up to 100o workers.

LNG Facility – Up to 3000 workers over four years for Train 1 and a peak of 2000 workers over four years for subsequent trains.

From the Bechtel website

Bechtel has signed a contract to provide engineering, procurement, and construction of a $16 billion liquefied natural gas processing plant in Queensland, Australia. The Gladstone LNG (GLNG) project will feature two liquefaction trains with a combined capacity of 7.8 million tons of LNG per year. The project, which will create up to 6,000 jobs, is owned by a partnership of Santos, Petronas, Total, and Kogas.


Occupations Required at the Gladstone LNG Project

All of Bechtel’s hiring goes through this portal, so if you are interested this is your first port of call.  Once you have completed your application remember to keep it live by logging in monthly.

  • Electrical Trades
  • Mechanical Trades
  • Building Trades
  • Scaffolding
  • Rigging
  • Mobile Plant Operator / Truck Driver
  • Marine
  • Catering Staff
  • Crane Operators
  • Labourer / Trades Assistant
  • Metal Trades
  • Health & Safety

 Qualifications to help you get a foot in at Gladstone LNG Project


Companies Involved with the Gladstone LNG Project

Fluor are working to develop our gas fields in the Bowen and Surat basins. To find out more about Fluor in Australia, including employment opportunities click here.

Saipem will construct our 420km underground gas transmission pipeline.  To find out more about Saipem in Australia, including employment opportunities click here.
Thiess awarded a $134 million contract by Saipem Australia Pty Ltd to construct a 4.3 kilometre tunnel under a section of water known as The Narrows to connect the mainland near Gladstone to the Santos GLNG LNG Plant on Curtis Island, click here for employment opportunities.

Bechtel are constructing our LNG Plant on Curtis Island, off the coast of Gladstone.  To find out more about Bechtel in Australia, including employment opportunities click here.

ESS (Compass Group) – Operator of worker accomodation and services.


Location Profile – Gladstone & Central QLD

Gladstone, Tannum Sands, Boyne Island, Biloela, Moura, Agnes Waters, LNG, Coal, Alumina, Aluminum, Cement, Power Station, Curtis Island, Fishing, Hunting, Camping, Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef, Trial riding, Moto x, 4×4, Drag strip, Surf (just), Kite Surfing, Cinemas. Population60316 (2010) Gladstone Regional Council link Gladstone Region – Rents as at Jan 2012 2 Bed 1 Bath –  $300 – $490 3 Bed 1 Bath –  $310 – $575 4 Bed 2 Bath – $550 – $2000 Gladstone Region – House Prices as at Jan 2012 2 Bed 1 Bath –  $295,000 – $455,000 3 Bed 1 Bath –  $370,00 – $1,100,000 4 Bed 2 Bath – $401,543 – $1,300,000

Climate data for Gladstone Airport
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °C 37.4 35.5 41.0 33.7 30.4 29.9 29.6 31.9 32.7 35.9 36.7 39.3 41.0
Average high °C 30.7 30.5 29.8 28.0 25.6 23.3 22.9 23.7 25.9 27.5 28.7 30.0 27.2
Average low °C 23.0 23.0 21.7 19.0 15.4 13.2 11.7 12.6 15.6 18.6 20.5 22.1 18.0
Record low °C 18.0 17.0 15.0 8.7 4.9 5.2 5.0 3.5 7.2 11.0 11.0 16.7 3.5
Avg. Rainfall mm 111.8 183.9 71.1 43.4 34.1 42.6 26.3 36.6 32.1 59.2 59.3 121.0 819.1
Avg. Rainy days 11.1 12.1 8.2 5.8 5.3 6.3 4.6 4.4 4.3 7.2 7.7 10.4 87.4

This project is taking on both Gladstone locals, who ferry back and forth across the Gladstone harbour each day and FIFO worker who are put up in camp accommodation.  As a generalisation it is easier to get a start as a local.

Locals are on a 50 hour week with optional Saturdays and Sundays, whilst FIFO’s are on a 4 weeks on 1 week off roster.

Interstate Licence Recognition

A helpful tool to finding out whether your trade qualification needs mutual recognition when working interstate. Check out the Cribhut Daily post – Thinking about Working Interstate – Licence Recognition

Gladstone LNG Project Enterprise Bargaining Agreements

An Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) is a collective industrial agreement between either an employer and a trade union acting on behalf of employees or an employer and employees acting for themselves.

Bechtel Queensland LNG Projects Union Greenfield Agreement


Disclaimer: Cribhut provides this information with the best intentions, but purely as a guide.  Like most things in life, there are no guarantees.  Your lively hood is your own responsibility and even if following the above recommendations, it is still up to you to do your own research, to be patient, persistent and put in the hard work.

 Photo Credit (daily sunny)


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Add yours
  1. Ric Revell

    I refer to the Gladstone site on Curtis Island. I am trying to get a start working on this project but I don’t know who to contact regarding employment details.

    I have worked in the vonstruction industry for over 25 years.
    I am a qualified carpenter with extensive experience in all aspects of carpentry and formwork. I have also worked as a scaffolder.
    For a brief period of time I worker as a Traine delivering the NSW OHS Construction ticket. (White Card) I am a reliable employee.

  2. Owen

    Hey Rick,
    Cheers for the message mate, Have you registered with Cribhut at all?
    We’re turning the system on it’s head by getting jobs coming to you via text message, email and on your dashboard, instead of needing to spend so much time looking for work, and the best part it’s free!
    I’ll point you in the right direction for the Curtis Island projects. The main contractor is called Bechtel and you can apply for work via this portal
    Two of the projects will be ramping up soon, which is handy if your chasing work.

    If you need any more info, just sing out.
    Cheers mate

  3. nick fazio

    Iwould like to get on these projects an i do some of tickets .How do iget on these projects? I do have good work history.Ido have crane ticket an loader anexcavator tickets. Which is best way get to get foot in the door Yours sincerely Hard worker

  4. Owen

    Hey Nick,
    Good start, if you have relevant experience operating cranes and excavators.
    Here is the portal the Gladstone LNG,
    If you go through to the Bechtel website you can upload your CV on here. As Bechtel has so much interest from so many different people, this is the easiest way for them to have people apply for work.

    Aside from that, if you have experience operating machines but not on a construction site, you may need some extra guidence for breaking into the industry. Cribhut has put together a program to help people break into the resources industry. Cribhut Kickstart Program – Your road map to the mines. If you want to take a look at the program click on the link,

    Cheers mate and good luck with it all!

  5. Hayley

    Hi there
    I’m not sure if your site can help me so figured I would send a message first. I’m a 32 year old female who is moving to Gladstone in hope of finding work within the mining sector. I am willing to start in the utilities as a cleaner or any other type of work. I would like to eventually get skilled up & moved to a job I could create a career from. I don’t have previous mining experience. I have acquired my construction white card & have been looking at doing a Mining Induction course or perhaps my forklift licence as this seems to be more useful but don’t want to go wasting money. As there is not much information on utility workers or any other of that type of work, do you know where i Can gain some insight? I am a hard worker & am happy to do 10-12 hour days of physical labour. I have worked on my feet in bars & have friends who work in the mines so am aware of situations of living etc. Just wondering if there is anywhere I can go to try to work out the best way to get a foot in the door? Thanks so much for the site… it’s great. Cheers for any help.

  6. Veronica

    Hi there
    I’m a 26 year old female who has just come to Gladstone in hope of finding work within the mining sector. I am willing to start off at the bottom as a cleaner or any other type of work and eventually get skilled up & moved on from there. I don’t have previous mining experience. I don’t have a construction white card or have done the Mining Induction course yet as I can’t afford to spend money if I don’t have a chance of obtaining work. I am having trouble locating information on lower end jobs as all that is for view are qualified positions. I am a hard worker & am happy to do any form of work, hours, physical labour. I have worked on my feet in hospitality, retail, the health sector as well as having a degree (although its not relevant to mining). I was hoping you could help me with any advice with getting my foot in the door?
    Many Thanks.

  7. Amy Cavallaro

    Hi Owen,

    I’m in the same boat as Veronica & Hayley with wanting to get work in the mines in either utilities or kitchen hand & work my way up.

    I have had previous experience in both areas & have worked out at Middlemount (remote mine site).

    I am currently completing Certificate 2 in Asset Maintenance with Queensland Workforce Skilling Strategy in Bundaberg.

    I have applied for many jobs through Compass Group, ISS & ESS but keep getting turned down. Is it more of ‘who you know, rather than what you know’?

    I have accommodation in Gladstone if need be & are ready to start straight away.

    If I too could get an email with helpful information that would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance


  8. Owen

    Hi Amy,

    Thanks for the message. Yeah sometimes it is ‘who you know , rather than what you know’, but saying that you already have experience from working out at Middlemount CQ, so that will go a long way for you.

    Also completing the Cert II in Asset Maintenance is great. Like most situations, most companies will want to see you willing to help yourself before you get the chance to help them.

    Is there any body in your course or your TAFE teacher that may have contacts?

    Here is the link to the Cribhut Kickstart Program we have made for all Blue Collar Workers trying to break into the resources industry.

    Have a read of this and it will give you a lot of tips for getting your start.

    Remember to be patient and keep trying, you will get there.

    Kind Regards,
    Owen Warhurst

  9. Ren Turner

    iv got the skills required and have been chasing my tail trying to get on this project iv contacted all of the involved contractors with no result any help as how to go about it would be a big help

    • Owen

      Hey Ren,

      We are talking to a lot of people that are waiting to get on to this project. Some took the rumours as gospel and have packed up all their belongings and moved to Gladstone in the hope of landing a start. We have recently been through the town and spoke with a lot of companies and our Cribhut Delo’s we have on the project and everyone is saying they’ll be ramping up workers on a larger scale at the end of the year, start of next year. They are still hiring people but it is a few here and a few there at the moment. It’s probably not what you wanted to hear mate. Just make sure you keep going onto the Bechtel portal and refreshing your personal account, this will keep you on the top of the applications.

      Apart from working directly on this project there is also a lot of worker coming up on the CSG piplines that need to run from around Dalby up to Gladstone. We will run a ‘how to get a job’ article on Cribhut Daily soon for this project.

      Also Ren, do you have a completed profile on
      Cribhut is a advertising website for companies that are looking for workers, plus it has as extra matching functionality that allows Employers to match the prerequisites they require in a worker, to that of your occupation, skills, experience and so on, that you create when building your profile. If you are matched, a job invitation will be sent to you via text message, email and on your Cribhut dashboard.
      You can actually apply to the job invitation from all 3, text message, email and Cribhut dashboard.
      Cribhut was made to help Blue Collar Workers stay in the loop about new projects/jobs, never miss an opportunity again, save time by not having to search for jobs anymore and also so people can apply for work where ever they are using the text message function.

      Cheers mate,

      Owen at Cribhut

  10. Bob

    Hi Owen,
    I am based in Perth and I have an interview lined up with Bechtel for a job on Curtis Island.
    1 – Is the FIFO roster of 4 x 1 fixed or is it negotiable.
    2 – Can you please provide some indiation of what they pay for a admin person. does LAFHA and site allowance apply ? if so what is it.


  11. Young Gun

    Hi There,

    I’m a 30 year old looking to get a start on Curtis island. I have been working in the mining sector 5 years. I have just brought a house in Gladstone in hope of landing a job out there. I’m a open ticket crane driver with 15 years experience. What steps do I need to follow apart from being on bechtal portal?

    • Owen

      Hey Dion,

      If you have your details down in the Bechtel portal that’s the big one.
      Just make sure you have all the relevant information in an up to date, well presented CV. This can make all the difference.

      A lot of portals have little tricks to them and quiet often if you log back into the protals it will refresh your profile to the top of the pile of applicants.

      Also, I’d give the HR staff a call and introduce yourself, let them know your keen and hopefully it will get there people to skip straight to your profile.

      I hope that helps out mate,

      Owen at Cribhut

  12. dave duckworth

    hi Owen

    I am a tradie boilermaker worked in workshops and on site as both a boilermaker and a crane operator c6 and ct for about 20years i also have have drafting exp with cad and inventor and i have not been able to get anyway on the gladstone products can you help me out please

  13. Andrew Yost

    hi this is andrew im after any work on gas pipelaying i have worked with a company several years ago doung gas work helping in general labour. i would like to further my horizons with gas work i have kitchen ecperience though im more hands on outside worker i would luke to give you my phone number 0427 142 120 kind regards andrew yost

  14. Joey

    G day Owen,

    Im a 27yr old from sydney and have been trying to get into the mines for over 6 months now, ive applied for several jod and finding it hard to get my foot in the door, ive been in the construction industry for 10 years now, was concreting for 6 and have been in the scaffolding game for 4 years now, Got all my Scaffold tickets, working at heights, OHnS White card, just wondering if there is any hot tips or links you could help me with so i can get a start somewhere and make a future of it. Please help bro!! cheers mate,

  15. Rhonda

    Hello ,I have been looking and applying for camp cleaning kitchen assist cooking but no luck I have experience and certificates can you help thanks

      • Maddie

        Hi Owen, Would you mind sending me through the same information you gave to Rhonda? I have lived in Tannum Sands for 6 months, moved here specifically to get a cleaning or housekeeping job on Curtis Island but havent had any luck yet. Thanks alot, Maddie

    • dan devene

      It’s dan here i’m a mechanical fitter diesel as well and would like a contact point 4 Curtis island trying to get a start thanks

      • Owen

        Hey Dan,

        From what I’ve heard most of the bulk earthworks have finished up on the Curtis Island project so I’m assuming most of the machines are gone too.
        There was a local mob over there called CQ Diesel Fitting, contact phone number (07) 4972 7401.
        If the Diesel Fitter positions have all but finished up, you can always apply for other roles, Fitter or TA.
        To apply through Bechtel’s career portal click through on the link :

        Good luck mate!

        Owen @ Cribhut

  16. Reo Carlo Val

    I am interested to apply for the catering staff position open in Bechel’s Curtis Island. I have more than 3 yrs experience in the kitchen and am really eager to explore my skills. Likewise, I also have trades certificate as a cook ang certificate 3 in commercial cookery. Can you provide me details on where and how I can send my application. I will really appreciate your help. Thanks.

    • Owen

      Hey Carlo,

      About half way down this post under the title ‘Occupations Required’ there is a link to Bechtel’s Career Portal. If you register your details on here, their recruitment staff will handle your application.


      Owen @ Cribhut

  17. Hayles

    Hey Owen

    Please help! I am 30 years of age and my partner works on curtis island as a rigger. I am trying to also get a transfer there. I have had approx 12 years in operations management / international logistics / account management / extensive AQIS documentation dealings + have obtained my white card and currently studying OH&S cert IV
    What can I do to get Bechtel to look at me in T&L. I also have cert IV in Supply Chain
    Any advice? I am registered on Bechtel

    Thank You!

  18. Nelly

    Hey Owen great page, I have a degree in OH&S, experience as a Trades assistant on construction sites and a white card , Is there a possibility of getting my foot in the door with this?


      • Nelly

        Hey Owen,
        Thanks for your reply which is very interesting. I have been applying constantly to companies and also the one you mentioned. I feel that my lack of experience may be putting me down with these roles. But I will keep trying,

        Thanks mate,


    • Owen

      Hey Frank,

      I tried to email you mate, but your email account bounced. I will need to know a fair bit of information about yourself in order to give you a clear answer.

      Can you jump on to, register and complete a profile and flick me an email back letting me know when you have done this.

      I can take a good look through your profile and give you the best possible answer.


      Owen @ Cribhut

  19. peter

    Hey Owen,
    Hoping to get some advice, I am from NSW trade qualified fitter with mechanical eng diploma.
    How and who should i contact regarding employment at curtis island.
    I don’t mind relocating if need be.

  20. Adam

    Hey mate been trying to get a foot in the door for a while I’m a boilermaker with hr and few other bits, from Melb could you mail me some details to apply

  21. Sam

    Hi Owen,

    I’m looking to get into the mining industry. I have no mining experience or tickets but looking into getting all the tickets needed. Just wondered if you could maybe point into the right direction.

  22. phil

    Hi Owen
    Im a qualifed Painter & Decorator looking to get work in the mines. Any work for this trade that you know of?
    Also have Forklift License, First Aid, Whitecard, HR License

    • Owen

      Hey Phil,

      Out of all the different resources industries I’ve worked in I haven’t seen to many painter & decorators. Normally the mining companies will use contractors when they are doing upgrades to office building, control rooms and service buildings, the main reason being it doesn’t happen that often.

      There’s more opportunity to land a gig painting the service building, offices and camps on the major construction projects as they are being built.

      If you’re looking for any position that gives you a good income and decent roster there’s always the Trade Assistant positions, the Fork Lift ticket and trade experience will definitely be held in high regard.

      I hope that helps mate!


      Owen @ Cribhut

  23. Derrick

    Been in mining for 3 yrs as a servicemen and blast crew in WA but FIFO from Brisbane I’m sick of paying for my own flights can you help me in anyway in obtaining work anywhere in qld fifo brisbane so I’m closer to home have been trying for anything TA work etc for last 6 months But carnt seem to brake into QLD mining

    • Owen

      Hey Derrick,

      It’s still slow in Queensland at the moment, we’ve heard it’ll all pick up again in the coal towards the end of 2013.
      Having 3 years experience as a serviceman will help though.

      There is a few opportunities for Mechanics roles on at the moment and they do come through quiet regulary. If you register on Cribhut and complete a profile you will be automatically notified of any new jobs that match your experience and personal preferences. To register jump on to

      Having experience as a serviceman may also help you land a TA/Labourer/Machinal Fitter position on some of these major projects.
      Tip : Ensure your resume is tailored to the different industry and position.
      The major project articles on Cribhut Daily have links to the relevant companies websites about half way down the article. If you click through on here you’ll be able to register your interest for work in their ‘careers’ section.

      Good Luck mate!

      Owen @ Cribhut

  24. Jacinta

    Hi, I’m looking for a job at the mines, i don’t have any experience. But I was looking for something like catering or cleaning or anything like that.
    If their is any at the moment could you please email me details,

  25. jamie

    hi im just wondering if you could point me in the right direction to apply for skipper/engineer/deckhand jobs on the boats in gladstone?

  26. bluey

    hi i have 25 years experience as a rigger and scaffolder in the power / construction industry and am very keen to get out of victoria and try somthing new i have my white card and ewp and working at heights can you give me some info on the curtis island job

    • Owen

      Hey Bluey,

      No worries mate! Bechtel is currently recruiting Riggers and later in the year chasing Scaffies.
      To register your interest jump on to:

      Heads Up : Once you have completed your registration of interest remember to log back in to your account, this will refresh your profile.


      Owen @ Cribhut

  27. Matt Collins

    G’day mate, I’m a 19 year old, 4th year apprentice bricklayer and was just wondering what the chances would be of getting a job out there on the island as a bricklayer?

  28. Hugh

    Hey do you need to have a maritime security identification card or MSIC card to work on these projects? I have heard they are hard to get?

    • Owen

      Hey Hugh,

      Not at all mate, if you’re working directly on the LNG project and depending on the job your after the only qualification that is compulsory is a white card (construction industry induction).

      Click through on the link to register your interest for work:


      Owen @ Cribhut

  29. maggie


    i am looking to a start in the mining but am finding it hard to get my foot in the door i have my standard 11 (generics), compeyency for a moxy, white card, i dont have any mining experience, i have send lots of cv,s to compass and other jobs but no luck. i am willing to work in catering and do any nessesary training to get a job

  30. Nick

    Hi I’ve just moved up to Gladstone from Tasmania and I’m looking for a job as an electrician, I have 10 years experience and have all the qualifications and tickets necessary to work in this trade but I just cant seem to get my foot in the door. Any info would be much appreciated.

    • Owen

      Hey Nick,

      I have heard Bechtel is chasing sparkies at the moment which is in your favour.
      You will need to register your interest to work on Bechtel’s career portal. Here’s the link :

      After you have registered, every week or two log back into your account This will refresh your accoun to the top of the pile, regarding new applicants.

      To be successful you’ll need to have:
      Have at least 3 years heavy industry relative work experience,
      Have recognised Australian Trade Certifications,
      Have recognised Australian qualifications,
      The Right to work in Australia unrestricted,
      Demonstrated commitment to safety,
      The ability to undergo a pre-employment medical.

      I hope this helps you out Nick.


      Owen @ Cribhut

    • Owen

      Hey Chris,

      I took a look through the Saipem website and it isn’t displayed anywhere. You will need to register through their career portal if you’re looking to secure work.
      I just tested their website and it didn’t wor for me, let me know if you had better luck.


      Owen @ Cribhut

  31. Michael

    Hi Owen,

    I am a fully qualified ESO and I am look for full time work which is the best way to go about this on the current projects
    as there seems to be heaps of work but no one is replying to myself

  32. Brendon

    I have relocated back to Brisbane from WA recently and I have 15 + years experience operating Excavators and various other plant. I have a QLD HC licence and a Diploma in OHS Cert IV OHS, Cert IV TAE and other qualifications. I have 10 years supervisor experience and I have run mid size projects. The problem is it is hard to get in anywhere unless you know someone and the employment agencies do not seem to be interested. They talk it up and then don’t reply. Do you have any suggestions? I am willing to relocate pretty much anywhere in QLD.
    Cheers for your advice.

  33. Vanessa Read

    Hi There,

    I am looking for some cleaning work on Curtis Island.
    I have experience in Cleaner with Hotels and also Nursing homes, I am hard working and willing to work 10 hours a day.
    I reside in Gladsone and I am available immediately.
    I would apprechiate any help with how to apply for this kind of work. Ialso have a white Card.

    thanks so much

  34. Chris

    Hi Owen,
    I have a forklift and elevated work platform licence as well as competencies in loader, excavator and skid steer, apply First Aid and a background in WHS (currently doing cert IV). I am residing in the Gladstone area and trying to get an entry level job as Peggy, labourer, bus driver or TA on Curtis Island.
    My resume reads well and I have a solid background in construction skills but can’t seem to get an interview……..any advise would be much appreciated

    • Owen

      Hi Chris,

      The main one is to continue to log into your account on Bechtel’s career portal. This will push your CV to the top of the pile.
      Do you know anybody on the project? If so, get them to put your name forward to their supervisor. Sometimes it’s a case of who you know.

      I hope that helps you out mate.


      Owen @ Cribhut

  35. Michael

    Hi Owen, i run a small Blue collar Labour hire business based in Stdney. I would appreciate any help in sourcing some placements for guys on my Database. These are guys are conversant with the Mining & Construction Industry.


  36. Chris goldsmith

    To whom it may concern I’m a 24 yr old male looking to get into the mining sector have done most of my inductions through the santos website and worked at Arcadia valley as a concrete labour subcontracting through accurate plumping who is the best person to talk to about getting work in Gladstone or surrounding areas I have current forklift ticket blue/white card is there a number I can call to help further my plans

    • Owen

      G’day Chris,

      First thing you need to do is register your interest to work on Bechtel’s career portal, here’s the link :
      Once you have done this make sure you log back into your profile every couple of weeks, this will keep you profile at the top of the registered applicatants

      Also, here’s Bechtel’s HR contact number 07 4962 1640. It can work in your favour to give them a call & introduce yourself. Rmember to write down the persons name you speak with, it may come in handy if yo call through again.

      Good luck mate,

      Owen @ Cribhut

  37. jess higginbottom

    hi i was just wondering if theres any jobs going on curtis island for steel fixers and concretors ta or laboures and how do i apply thanks jesse

    • Owen

      Hey Jess,

      The project is under full construction now so there’s a good chance Bechtel is chasing workers with the experience you’ve mentioned. If you jump onto the Bechtel career portal you’ll be able to register your interest for work on the Curtis Island project.
      Here’s the link mate :

      Also, a tip. Once you have registered it’s a good idea to log back into your profile every week or two. This will show you’re still interested and keen for work and just as importantly bring your profile back to the top of the applicants register and in front of the recruiters sooner.

      All the best mate,


  38. LEN

    Hi Owen,
    I have worked on Curtis Island concreting storm water drains for a Sydney company and would of liked to have stayed on with Bechtel and we were offered work but we were all sent back to Sydney expecting to be going back. I would like to apply for Bechtel as a concreter or I have Heavy Trade Driving Licences changed over from NZ.

  39. Mella

    Hi Owen,
    I am currently looking to do some type of full time cleaning work. I am struggling to find a way to get my foot in the door as it seems to be about who you know and my knowledge is limited.. I’m looking for a change and happy to work long hours and work hard to get there…I have had a little experience with cleaning for a few hostels but overall limited in my experience.
    Any info would be much appreciated..

    Thanks Mella

    • Owen

      Hey Mella,

      It can be tough to break into the resources industry. Have a look through the Cribhut Kickstart Guide, it will start at the very basics of different industries and go through everything from building up your experience to landing the dream job.
      Here’s the link mate :

      All the best Mella, if you have any questions after you’ve gone through the Kickstart Guide, feel free to flick back an email.



  40. Tracey

    Hi there,

    I am currently employed on Curtis Island but not directly for Bechtel, I have been here since early January 2013 & have gone from housekeeping to Tavern Supervisor & am now in Administration, I have been trying to get down on site working directly for Bechtel but so far no joy, what would you recommend I do. I have been registered with Bechtel since August 2011 & still nothing, I have my HR licence & would love to get on the moxies or buses. I am a local girl in Gladstone but live on camp & am on 3 & 1 roster, I just love the fact that I get 7 days off at the end of 21 & I am not afraid to do 4 & 1. Your advice would be much appreciated.
    Thanking you.

    • Owen

      Hey Tracey,

      It sounds like you are doing all the right things mate! As much as people hate to admit it, sometimes it’s about who you know.
      Have a think if you know anybody that might be able to put your name forward. Also a tip for the career portals, log in every week or two. This will show you’re still interested and keen for work and just as importantly bring your profile back to the top of the applicants register and in front of the recruiters sooner.

      I hope that help you out Tracey.



  41. Nathan

    Hi Owen ,
    Live in Tassie mate really interested in doing fifo work , hard worker 21 years old love working in a team environment , how do I get into applying for such a job.

    Kind regards Nathan

  42. maryam

    Hi Owen,
    I am 26 years old female. I have graduated from QUT on Dec 2012 with a bachelor of civil engineering. i have been applying to get an entry level position to start my career in mining sector. I have been checking bechtel, santos, thiess and heaps of other companies websites but It seems there is nothing for me out there as i get rejected every time I apply for a position even as an Admin or Project Assistant.
    I would really appreciate if you could point me in the right direction.


    • Owen

      Hi Maryam,

      More than happy to help mate! We have a couple of recruiters that use the Cribhut utility to source Blue Collar workers and they also place White Collar workers so I will pass your details onto them and see if they have anything going. Unfortunately Cribhut is a dedicated specifically for Blue Collar workers so I don’t have too much experience in the admin/project assistant roles.

      If you could please reply to this email with your CV and any other relevant details.

      Kind Regards,


  43. Brett

    Hi Owen,

    I have been working as a multi skilled labourer in a heavy metal engineering workshop based in Sydney for the past 2 years. I have experience in assisting various trades including boilermakers, sheet metal workers, fitters and machinists. I have been regularly researching various trades assistants jobs on mining and gas projects in qld but have had no such luck getting my foot in the door. Any information regarding securing this type employment would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again, Brett.

    • Owen

      Hey Brett,

      You will need a well structured resume, this is extremely important. If your resume is rubbish that’s where it will end up!
      Here’s a couple of articles to help out:

      Next, apply for every job going.
      Remember to do your research on a company and try to time your application for the large scale construction projects. If your resume pops up at the right time there’s a greater chance it won’t be lost in the pile of applications.
      Tailor your resume to the specific position and company you’re apply for, this shows you actually give a rats and that you’re interested in more than the money.

      It is also a good idea to have some experience in the position you’re applying for, as you are not a ‘greenskin’ you won’t need the full amount of relative experience shown in the follow requirements.

      Here are the standard requirements for employee’s on these large scale construction projects:

      Have at least 3 years heavy industry relative work experience
      Have recognised Australian Trade Certifications
      Have recognised Australian qualifications
      The Right to work in Australia unrestricted
      Demonstrated commitment to safety
      The ability to undergo a pre-employment medical

      This a much shorter and less detailed version of the Cribhut Kickstart Guide. We built it last year to help people break into the resources industry.
      It’s free to download, just click through on the link,

      I hope this helps you out mate, good luck with it all. If you have any questions jsut flick me back an email.



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