Mackay ROPS Winch Truck Challenge

If you fancy yourself as a bit of an outdoor person and don’t mind a bit of 4×4’n, camp’n and larrikin’n about, this event is right up your alley, the Mackay ROPS Winch Truck Challenge.  It’s a competition for 4×4 drivers to show there hand at piloting and co-piloting through some pretty hairy tracks and find out who’s truck is the biggest and meanest.  These blokes won’t hold back down from a challenge so you’re in for a fun and entertaining weekend.

Well ladies and gents, Round 2 of the Rops Winch Truck Challenge is upon us!  This weekend coming 11th and 12th of August, a bunch of blokes with too much spare money and time on their hands will be heading to a new property, 40km North of Mackay to battle it out and see who can take the top step on the podium.

Southern Sons To Run Riot

But more importantly there are bragging rights on the line!  With the racers from Gladstone and Rockhampton determined not to let the sugar cane chewing Mackay locals have even half a chance of placing a foot on any of the podium steps at all!  Now this is going to be a tough task with Mackay having some well set up cars like a 37inch tyre wearing, 4.2ltr Turbo Petrol Nissan Patrol ute or a 5.7Ltr V8 full bodied mid wheel base Nissan!

The Southerners have some big HP rigs all prepped and ready to travel on up to race, oh and we have a few Cruisers in the lower CQ region and as everyone should already know, Landcruisers are far superior!! (this may or may not be just my personal opinion outweighing actuall fact).

Day & Night Stages

Racing starts around 8am on the Saturday morning and will go into the night with a few super exciting stages planned for that night.  So guys your choices are: Come out for the Sat and stay until late to check out the action packed night stages, or pack the camping gear and spend the whole weekend out at the property and have a grand old time with a bunch of like minded folk?

Come Out & Join In On The Fun

So what are you all waiting for?  Get in touch with your mates and get them keen!  Practice your best Nissan driver heckles and head on out this weekend!
Incase you are wondering how to get there, the directions can be found on the webpage.

If you do make the journey out to the event, come say hello!  I’ll be the navigator in the big green Landcruiser.

Cheers! Mosko.


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