Thinking about Working Interstate – Licence Recognition

Moving interstate for work, part of the ever growing FIFO workforce or working your way around the country can sound really appealing especially with the majority of the major projects forking out for your accommodation, crib and travel.  There is one sneaky hurdle called Licence Recognition and it catches a lot of people out.  Depending on the company you work for, different outcomes can come of it.  You may have reduced pay rates or even have a seat on the sideline waiting for approval from the state governing bodies/commissions or even worse, just be overlooked for the job. 


Licence recognition

It’s called licence recognition or mutual recognition, basically some trades require this because of different standards to qualifications and the training people have received across the different states of Australia.  Shot firer’s, carpenters, air conditioning/refrigeration mechanics, builders, bricklayers, metal fabrications, motor vehicle repairers, plumbers and electricians are just some of the trades that may require a equivalent licence search and mutual recognition.


Simple solution

To make it easy for everyone there is a website that will give you a heads up for your specific trade, and contact details of the different departments you will need to have a chat with.  The government licence recognition website has all of these details and the links are as follows.

Equivalent licence search
Licence recognition



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