Digging and Moving Materials – How to be a Backhoe Operator

Digging and Moving Materials – How to be a Backhoe Operator

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A Backhoe is a small to medium sized machine used to dig, lift and carry materials.  A backhoe usually has a front mounted bucket and a rear mounted backhoe and because of it’s size can be used widely across all industries.  A keen eye, steady hand and patience is required to master the controls.  To become a Backhoe Operator a Certificate of Competency for Conducting Backhoe/Loader operations is required.


Backhoe Operator Duties and Tasks

  • Perform pre-start checks of the machine
  • Constant communicate via radio with spotters when using Backhoe application
  • Operate Backhoe
  • Select, remove and fit attachments
  • Monitor site conditions
  • Ensure the safe operation of the machine
  • Carry out machine maintenance
  • Re-locate backhoe via truck or ‘UD’ endorsed licence


Backhoe Operator Personal Requirements

  • Enjoy practical and manual work
  • Good hand eye coordination
  • Able to drive defensively and safely
  • Good communication skills
  • Able to follow instructions
  • Able to follow plans
  • Physically fit
  • Meet any age limits that may apply


 Backhoe Operator Job Opportunities

  • Infrastructure
  • Civil construction
  • Heavy industry construction
  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Heavy Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Domestic
  • Commercial

Disclaimer: Cribhut provides this information with the best intentions, but purely as a guide. Like most things in life, there are no guarantees. Your lively hood is your own responsibility and even if following the above recommendations, it is still up to you to do your own research, to be patient, persistent and put in the hard work.


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