Fly-In Fly-Out workers: Cash in on Frequent Flyer Points

Check out any Fly-In Fly-Out workers notepad and there will be page after page of ideas.  Sketches of home extensions or things to build, a list of toys to buy or different destinations to travel around the world.   Let’s face it, some of these ideas will never be more than a bit of scribble but hopefully for you, with a nudge in the right direction you’ll be able to travel to some of the destinations you’ve dreamt about and do it for free.  Sound to good to be true?


I’m talking about the frequent flyer points systems airline companies offer, for you to fly with them irrelevant of whether you or your employer is paying for your flight costs, to and from work.


An example from a Fly-in Fly-out worker

I have a mate that has landed a start in the Coal Seam Gas fields in Queensland, two weeks on, two weeks off roster.  He flies with Qantas, Brisbane to Miles and return every second week and since he has landed this job I’ve really started to notice just how much travel his wife and he are now doing, and deservably so.  Turns out for the 340klm flight he receives 1000 points each way, which is pretty good going considering a return flight to America is valued at 35,000 points or a little over a years worth of free work flights.


After a conversation with my mate, I decided to go snooping around and I’ve come to realise that I’ve been missing out on a pretty good thing.  Seems you can link all sorts of things to either Qantas points or other versions that are out there to help grow your points faster.  All these extra add ons is how they’ve been travelling around Australia and the world for free…interesting!


Check out the Frequent Flyer offers by clicking on the links below




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