National Apprenticeships Program – Adult Apprenticeships

National Apprenticeships Program – Adult Apprenticeships

There are two things that can be really hard to achieve within the Blue Collar industry, landing an adult apprenticeship and a start in the resources industry.  It’s certainly not impossible to do both, but considering the time and effort you’ll need to put in, it’s like winning the Gold Lotto!  If you’re over the age of 21 and trying to land an adult apprenticeship within the resource industry the National Apprenticeships Program might just be the winning ticket you’re after.


National Apprenticeships Program

National Apprenticeships Program is a unique training alternative for the resources industry and other sectors. The program recruits talented Australian residents with existing trade skills and experience, and enables them to complete a trade qualification potentially within 18 months. The selection process includes a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment to establish whether applicants meet NAP’s minimum skills requirement. Host employers include an operating coal mine site and major construction companies.


David Moore : Apprentice with the National Apprenticeships Program

Eighteen months ago, David who’s already a refrigeration tradie wanted to diversify, was losing hope he’d ever obtain a job in the resources sector, accumulating hundreds of knockbacks. Today he’s a finalists in a coveted mining apprenticeship award.

“My career goal was to complete an electrical trade but I was finding it difficult to find a training pathway which would allow me to work and train, without placing my family into financial difficulty.  I was also investigating possible pathways into the mining industry and the National Apprenticeships Program seemed almost too good to be true.”


Ross Maidens : Apprentice with the National Apprenticeships Program

Ross had been a domestic electrician in the United Kingdom, but couldn’t use his trade in Australia as his qualifications aren’t recognised here. Ross was facing $12,000 and three years of study, to retrain.  After more than 150 job knock-backs, Ross discovered the National Apprenticeships Program. He started with Anglo American in August 2011 and will soon graduate as an electrical fitter-mechanic.

“It wasn’t feasible to undertake a normal apprenticeship here and support my family, this way I gain my Australian qualification and have basically doubled my pay.”


Ideal Applicants for the National Apprenticeships Program

Ideal applicants include people who have partly completed an apprenticeship, permanent Australian residents with overseas qualifications not yet recognised in Australia, ex-members of the defence forces with aligned qualifications or skills, people with other related trade qualifications, and trades assistants for the construction and engineering trades only.

Expressions of interest are sought in six trades – Electrical Fitter Mechanic, Dual Trade Electrical/Instrumentation, Metal Fabrication Trade – Boiler Maker/Welder/Pipe Fitters, Engineering Diesel Fitter, Mechanical Fitter and Carpentry.


The NAP is a Federally funded program that’s backed by peak industry organisations and unions.

To find out more about the National Apprenticeships Program jump on to

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Disclaimer: Cribhut provides this information with the best intentions, but purely as a guide. Like most things in life, there are no guarantees. Your lively hood is your own responsibility and even if following the above recommendations, it is still up to you to do your own research, to be patient, persistent and put in the hard work.


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  1. Sean

    I have completed 3 years and 3 months of a Boilermaker’s apprenticeship (heavy fabrication) Do you think this would suit finishing my time?

    • Owen

      Hey Sean,

      Are you still currently signed up as an apprentice or have you stopped and looking to get back into it?

      I know of people that have finished there apprenticeship in around the 3 year term. It all depends on the experience you have gained through the 3 1/4 years you have already completed and whether your host employer will sign you off.

      Get in contact with your TAFE you are signed up with and they should be able to give you some more accurate information by looking through you personal situation.


      Owen @ Cribhut

  2. Rapheala Law

    Hey Owen,

    I’m inquiring information for my boyfriend, he is a 2nd year apprentice in boiler-making and he may need to finish his apprenticeship elsewhere, due to the workshop he works at it is going out of work because of the mines and may have to let people go. if my partner loses is job and has to start his apprenticeship up elsewhere, what would be the best way to find a workplace/ workshop in QLD that’d take him on to finish his apprenticeship? Google, doesn’t help me on what im looking for, My boyfriend got his apprenticeship through work experience at school so I’m thinking TAFE wouldn’t help since hes not signed up with them and has never gone through them for his apprenticeship.. If there’s no work in QLD he may have to go to perth to finish his apprenticeship if worse comes to worse, what are some options to help him and to stay in QLD?

  3. Chantell

    My husband applied through NAP almost 2 years ago. He attended info nights and was short listed etc but still didn’t get a job because he didn’t live in Gladstone (however was willing to relocate). He has now only got 1 month left of his electrical apprentice, however is still willing to get is instrumentation.
    Would they still look at him if he will be qualified A grade however wanting the dual trade of instro?

    • Owen

      Hi Chantell,

      Your best bet is getting in touch with the NAP and seeing where you stand. I know a little while ago Bechtel who are constructing the Curtis Island LNG Projects in Gladstone were looking for trade qualified workers with relevant experience looking to gain there dual trade as an Instro.

      It may be worth giving them a call…
      Phone : 07 4962 1640
      Career portal :

      Also, I know local companies such as QAL and Comalco Yarwun have employed sparkies willing to gain their dual trade theory externally and onsite practical.
      Always worth a shot, especially with the amount of workers moving over to the island.



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