Full Government Funding to Mentor you from Apprentice to Business Owner

Full Government Funding to Mentor you from Apprentice to Business Owner

As Blue Collar Workers, we’ve all thought about it at some stage, stepping out from under the boss and starting our own gig.  Problem is, it can be daunting and there is a huge failure rate, which does make sense when you think about it.  You spend four or more years learning your trade as an apprentice before you can take on the world as a full blown tradie, yet many tradie’s will then jump straight into starting their own business, without completing a business apprenticeship, so to speak.  A friend of Cribhut’s Martin Claus recently got in touch to let us know that the Federal Government has recently provided a support program to assist with training the core fundamentals of running a business through nationally accredited training in Business and a Business Mentor to help guide you through the maze.  Below Martin run’s you through the details…


The Idea of starting our own business is a common one.  One that needs careful consideration and planning. Starting a business is not the difficult part, the challenges come when you need sales, growth, financial information, risk management and to know how to manage for the future, deliver growth and learn how to work in, on, and around your business all at the same time.

There are a vast array of DIY tools provided to help, such as the following government website with an assortment of tools and advice.


CHECKLIST:  Are you ready to start a business?

This government website is a good starting point for DIY information to see if you are in fact up for the challenge: www.business.gov.au/Howtoguides/Thinkingofstartingabusiness/

The great thing about this funded program is it not only provides you nationally accredited business training but you have a business mentor beside you while you learn how to develop and grow your business.  Someone to ask questions, bounce ideas off and receive guidance from.

If you are trade qualified and either started your own sub contracting or small business within the last 24 months or, are thinking about doing so then this may very well be the vehicle to assist you on your way.   Statistic for 2011 claim that 1 in three small businesses failed in that year so it makes sense to give yourself every possible chance at not only surviving but being successful, and with that comes carefully planning.


About the Apprentice to Business Owner Program

The new Apprentice to Business Owner Program (AtoB Program) commenced in 2013 and is funded by…(deep breath)…The Department of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education. It provides funding for training in a nationally recognised qualification in small business management, and includes business-mentoring support for up to 12 months.

The program supports eligible trades people who are seeking to, or have recently, established a business. It is delivered nationwide across both metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas.

Many trades people operate as subcontractors, sole operators or small businesses. To establish a successful business, in addition to their trade specific competencies they also need to develop small business management skills, to ensure they meet business and employment regulations.

The AtoB Program provides the opportunity for eligible trades people to develop their business management skills.


Who can participate in the Apprentice to Business Owner Program?

The AtoB Program services are designed for qualified trades people who are ready to start-up a new business, or to operate as independent subcontractors.

To be eligible, individual trades people must:

  • have permanent residency, that is, as an Australian citizen or as a permanent resident of Australia
  • have successfully completed a trade-related apprenticeship in a trade listed on the National Skills Needs List (NSNL). The Australian Apprenticeships website provides further information about the NSNL
  • be preparing to or have recently (within 24 months) established a business
  • not be an undischarged bankrupt
  • not have previously completed the small business qualifications offered under the AtoB Program
  • not be subsidised from other government funding, including Commonwealth, States and Territories, for the same eligible qualifications offered under the AtoB Program.


How to Get Started

So if you’ve been giving some thought to maybe branching out on your own and weren’t quite sure how to go about it, now is a perfect opportunity to access some Government Funded Support to assist you.

There are currently vacancies in this program across both metropolitan and regional areas and for more information on how to get involved contact:

HB Training and Recruitment

Tel: 07 4639 4431

Email: training@hb.net.au

Web: www.hb.net.au


Disclaimer: Cribhut provides this information with the best intentions, but purely as a guide.  Like most things in life, there are no guarantees.  Your lively hood is your own responsibility and even if following the above recommendations, it is still up to you to do your own research, to be patient, persistent and put in the hard work.



The team at Cribhut


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