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MIC Kokoda Challenge

Over 2014, 2015 and 2016 almost 100 trekkers have crossed the Kokoda Track
and raised over $500,000 for MATES In Construction


and it is happening again in 2017…




Test your will, honor our diggers, rub shoulders with locals and raise much needed funds to support your work mates on the MATES In Construction Kokoda Challenge.

“Construction workers are six times more likely to die by suicide than through a workplace accident.” 

 Join the trek over Suicide Prevention Awareness Day in September 2016 to set off across the Kokoda track, paying respect to the war hero’s who selflessly defended our homeland and raising funds for the construction industry suicide education charity, MATES In Construction.

 “Sadly apprentices in construction are two and a half times more likely to suicide than other young men their age.”

The unique solution developed by MIC is to train a number of construction workers (known as connectors) to recognise potentially suicidal behaviour and to give them the simple skills needed to intervene and to keep that person safe until they can gain professional help. The MIC service is provided at no cost to workers or construction companies, is a registered charity and relies on industry, government and personal donations for funding, field staff employment and the cost of the 24/7 Helpline and counselling support.

Trekking Kokoda is one of those life experiences that rocks your core.  It turns your mates into lifelong friends and makes you deeply feel the sacrifices of those young men and women who put their lives on the line to protect our way of life.  And we want to share this experience with you, our mates throughout the Blue Collar community.



Get in touch with Cribhut’s founders with any questions below.   It’s a massive challenge, so it can help to have a chat to someone who has been through it all before.  If for no other reason but to get you pumped or to find out how many pairs of socks to pack.  Two of Cribhut’s founders have previously completed the trek multiple times and they will be in the mud along side you in September.  They are more than happy to tell you their stories.

Get your mates together and join us in September 2017 as we head off 130km across the Owen Stanley Ranges.


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