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Safe Working in Confined Space Course

Confined Space CourseThe Safe Working in Confined Space course provides all information necessary to satisfy the training requirements listed under Australian Standard 2865, the Codes of Practice for Confined Spaces, and the various Regulations of the States. It also meets the Competency units laid down in national Training Packages.

Training Provided via:  Your Licence Pty Ltd

Location:  Major Capital cities, onsite or contact us for course details in your location

Dates:  Flexible to suit

Duration: 1 day

Price:  $285 inc GST
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Assessment methods
Assessment is against the national Standard, which are common in all states and territories. The course is competency based, and applicants who attain the necessary competence will be issued a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment.

Unit Description

RIIWHS202D – Enter and work in confined spaces
The content is customised to be specific to the applicable site or workplace, and includes selection of appropriate equipment accordingly. Hazard identification and Risk analysis are core components of the course.

Course Content – Theory 

  •     Introduction & Overview
  •    Access and Egress requirements
  •     What is a Confined Space?
  •     Work processes
  •     Examples of Confined Spaces
  •     Safe work in Confined Spaces
  •     Unfamiliar Confined Space hazards
  •    Determine the degree of Risk
  •     Hazards and Risk factors
  •     Isolation
  •     Flammable Atmospheres
  •     Appropriate Training
  •     Hazard categories & physical and mechanical hazards
  •     Confined Spaces Entry Permit program including Hot Work
  •     Toxic Atmospheres
  •     Responsible person must be appointed
  •     Mechanical Ventilation
  •     Monitoring and observation of activities
  •     Monitoring Atmospheres
  •     Summary

Practical Exercises

  • Confined Space Identification (includes Site Audit if required)
  • Conduct of Job Safety Analysis and Entry Permit
  • Atmosphere Monitoring
  • Isolation Techniques
  • Selection and appropriate use of Rescue Equipment
  • Confined Space Entry

Nationally recognised Statement of Attainment recognising competency against RIIWHS202D (superseded release of RIIOHS202A).

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